danceWEB about

danceWEB about

Verein zur Förderung des internationalen Kulturaustausches im Bereich der Darstellenden Künste
(Association to Promote International Cultural Exchange within the Performing Arts)

danceWEB is a non-profit organization based in Vienna founded in 1996, devising and realising projects to enhance the professional possibilities for emerging choreographers together with partner organisations such as CCN Montpellier, Ultima Vez, Cullberg Ballet, Southbank Centre, Station or Workshop Foundation.

Signature projects include danceWEB Scholarships, Prix Jardin d'Europe or ttt (teaching the teachers).

In the past, danceWEB has been the originator of European network projects like CoDaCo (1999-2000), danceWEB Europe (2002-2008) or Jardin d'Europe (2008-2013). For details please see PROJECTS

Currently, danceWEB is the co-ordinator of Life Long Burning (2013-2018), a European network by twelve network partners, dedicated to the sustainable support of the European contemporary dance and performance field. For details please see

danceWEB partners danceWEB projects

danceWEB projects

Life Long Burning 2013 - 2018
Jardin d'Europe 2008 - 2013
Enhanced danceWEB Europe 2005 - 2008
danceWEB Europe 2002 - 2005
CoDaCo 1999 - 2000
danceWEB Scholarship Programme 1996-2001

Life Long Burning (LLB) is a project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union and dedicated to the sustainable support of the European contemporary dance and performance field and the enlargement of its audience. It is implemented throughout a five-year period (July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2018) by a wide-spread and highly professional network of dance associations, companies and production houses:

4Culture (RO),
CCN Montpellier (FR),
Cullberg Ballet (SE),
danceWEB (AT),
Het Veem Theater (NL),
Lokomotiva (MK),
Station (RS),
Tala Dance Center (HR),
Uferstudios (DE),
Ultima Vez (BE),
Workshop Foundation (HU)
and workspacebrussels (BE).

Through its various activities, LLB strengthens transnational co-operations, fosters the mobility of artists and their works, contributes to career development, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue and promotes knowledge transfer, audience outreach and the public display of dance.
It comprises of 10 activities:

Prix Jardin d'Europe (European dance prize for emerging choreography),
Dance Radar Europe (virtual PR platform),
Dance Works! (co-production of dance productions),
Critical Practice (training program for emerging dance writers),
danceWEB Scholarships (training program for emerging dancers),
Wild Cards (support of artistic development through residencies and workshops),
Performance Situation Room (research and knowledge-sharing modules),
teachback (research on dance education),
Dance fiction (open source documentation/publications on project activities)
SuSy-Support System (education and development of young dance administrators).

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Jardin d'Europe is a five years European project, dedicated to the establishment of a sustainable European infrastructure for the professionalisation of emerging dancers, choreographers, dance administrators and dance writers. The network consists of the following co-organizers:

4Culture (RO)
Bimeras Culture Foundation (TR)
Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier (FR)
Cullberg Ballet (SE)
Lokomotiva (MK)
Southbank Centre (UK)
Station (RS)
Ultima Vez (BE)
Workshop Foundation (HU)

Within the network, the following activities are realized:

- Prix Jardin d'Europe
- Critical Endeavour
- ttt (teaching the teachers)
- SuSy (Support System)
- danceWEB Scholarships
- Wild Cards
- Action Research

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Enhanced danceWEB Europe was a three years continuation of danceWEB Europe, dedicated to the development of a cooperation platform and the creation of a dynamic environment in the field of dance. The network consisted of 32 partners in 25 countries with the following co-organizers:

Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier (FR)
ccap Stockholm (SE)
danceWEB (AT)
Southbank Centre (UK)
Ultima Vez (BE)

Enhanced danceWEB Europe combined the following activities:
- Scholarship Programme
- Coproduction Programme
- Touring Programme
- Multimedia Programme

From 2005 - 2008 the actions of Enhanced danceWEB-Europe benefited to a total of 652 young dancers and choreographers from 65 countries.

danceWEB Europe was a three years project, with the aim to promote dance creation and distribution on an European level, operating with the following partners

Centre chorégraphique national de Montpellier (FR)
Southbank Centre (UK)
Ultima Vez (BE)

and carrying out the following activities:

- Scholarship Programme
- Contemporary Dance Coproduction Programme
- Touring Programme
- Multimedia Programme

During the period of 2002 - 2005, year per year an increasing number of artists took part in the network activties. Altogether 593 artists coming from 53 countries built the artistic backbone of the network activities and reached directly and also indirectly (via the Media Programme) at least 5 million visitors interested in European contemporary dance.


CoDaCo - European Contemporary Dance Coproduction - was a network, composed of 13 co-organizers and 12 producers and operating in 1999/2000. It was dedicated and focused on the initiation and promotion of choreographical projects by emerging choreographers relevant for the development of Contemporary Dance in a European context. Its main objective was the establishement of a European platform for Contemporary Dance through the improvement of the working and production conditions of choreographers and dancers.

The co-organizers were:
Choreographisches Zentrum NRWe.V. (DE)
danceWEB (AT)
De Hexe - Centre chorégraphique de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussilon (FR)
IFR - International Förskning I Rörelse (SE)
Interntionale Tanzwochen Wien (AT)
J. Burrows Limited/Southbank Centre (UK)
Lithuanian Dance Information Center (LT)
ROSAS v.z.w. (BE)
Slovenian Contemporary Dance Association - Drusto za sobodni ples Slovenije (SI)
Théâtre Dansé et Muet (LU)
Ultima Vez v.z.w. (BE)

The pilot project 1999/2000 of CoDaCo involved more than 80 contemporary dance artists from around 18 different countries.

danceWEB contact

danceWEB contact

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danceWEB staff

danceWEB staff

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Project Management
Hanna Bauer
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Katharina Binder
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